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August 1, 2017


The Source of Good Information

Everyone is asking ‘what is going to happen to the Affordable Care Act?’  Depending upon the media source, you’ll hear everything from ‘the ACA is going to be repealed with no replacement’ to ‘the ACA is thriving and doesn’t need any changes’.  At the time of this letter (note, I have to put this in since by the time you read this there will have been many updates and changes to the national debate), we see a huge game of poker occurring.  Will the administration withhold the cost-sharing subsidies?  Will congress come up with a bipartisan solution?  Will any solution create a huge influx of uninsured to the system?  If left alone will the ACA move into an inextricable death spiral?  Who’s right?  Who’s bluffing?  Depending on the source of information it’s hard to know what to believe.

This entire discussion emphasizes the great value the Employers’ Health Coalition of Idaho (EHCI) brings for employers of all sizes.  EHCI provides a forum to discuss the important issues, determine the relevant information and often provides solutions.  With multiple disciplines, public and private industries, varying group sizes, all around the table, we usually can get to the information that makes sense.

In the last year topics like telemedicine, end-of-life planning, claims recovery, wellness, prescription drug administration, brought pertinent discussions to the table.  We also had visits from the Department of Insurance, Department of Health and Welfare, hospital and physician lobbyists and a national self-funded speaker, all providing much needed updates on the healthcare landscape.

Is healthcare complicated?  Yes.  Does EHCI help navigate the complexity?  I’d like to think so.

EHCI success is based upon the members.  For those who are considering joining EHCI, please do so today so you can reap the benefits of the rich collaboration between employers dedicated to making a difference in Idaho healthcare.


Norm Varin

Chairman 2017-2018

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